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How can I start using the Leia.la platform?

Register on our website, select the plan that aligns with your needs and follow the steps indicated to start creating, monitoring and managing your links.

No, all links generated by Leia.la are permanent, unless the user chooses to delete them.

Absolutely. Leia.la provides detailed analysis, showing the frequency of clicks, origin of access and other relevant metrics.

How do pixel integrations work on Leia.la?

Integrating with pixels allows you to connect your campaigns on Leia.la to analytical tools and advertising platforms, optimizing the monitoring and performance of your actions.

Limits are established based on the plan chosen. See our page plans and prices for more details.

Certainly. Depending on the plan you select, you can customize your links to reflect your brand or the nature of the campaign. See our plans page for more details.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments via credit card and bank slip.

How is Leia.la billing structured?

We offer monthly or annual subscription options.

Are there any fines when canceling my subscription?

No. Cancellation can be made at any time through the plan settings, without any penalties.

Once you reach the limit, you will not be able to create new links. To continue creating new links, you can choose to upgrade your plan.

Yes, you have the possibility to change the link content via the dashboard, while the shortened URL remains the same.

Does Leia.la offer a free trial period?

Yes, we offer a free trial, during which you can try out the features, including creating and monitoring link statistics. Click here to create your account.

Is it possible to change my plan after I have subscribed?

For sure. You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or even cancel your plan at any time through the subscription panel.

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