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Thousands of links and QR codes are created by users every day, which translates into millions of connections per month.

Our Trust and Safety team works around the clock to make these experiences as safe as possible, doing our best to balance internet safety with the right to free expression. This Trust Center contains policies, resources, tools, and tips to help you understand how important your security is to us.

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Understand our policies and procedures regarding your personal data.

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Our Terms of Service guide your access and use of the platform.

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Acceptable Use Policy

Our AUP establishes a code of conduct to ensure you are protected from abuse on the platform.

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Reporting Abuse

If you have identified abusive behavior that violates our policies, please let us know.

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Appealing a Decision

We do our best, but mistakes may occur. If you believe we have unfairly blocked a link, please let us know.

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Common questions

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What does do to ensure the safety and protection of users? actively strives to prevent malicious individuals from inappropriate use of our platform.

Our trust and safety team implements our policies through a combination of proprietary technologies, vendors specializing in abuse detection, trusted technology partners, and non-governmental organizations.

We encourage the public to report abusive links via this form.

In order to protect you against abuse or harmful content, will block a link when it is identified as suspicious or when it leads to a harmful page.

There are several reasons why a link may be investigated:

  • A user of or a blocklist service flagged an issue with the landing page.
  • identified potentially malicious or inappropriate content.
  • The destination link is camouflaged by a shortened link from another service.
  • The link may redirect to an imitation of another website.

When you come across our warning page, we suggest you close your browser window and inform the person who shared the link with you.

If you believe that a link has been improperly blocked, communicate with us. We will do the necessary investigation.

You can report suspicious links or false positives via this form. The team will evaluate your report and take appropriate action.

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