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WhatsApp link

Generate your WhatsApp link in seconds and facilitate communication with your customers or friends.

Why create one own link for your WhatsApp?

Maximize your reach, facilitate contact and provide an unparalleled communication experience for your customers and friends.

Immediate Access

One click starts the conversation. No saving numbers or typing messages.

Personalized Messages

Define a greeting and guide the conversation from the beginning, optimizing interaction.


For businesses, a direct link conveys seriousness and facilitates customer contact.

Go further with

While generating a link to your WhatsApp is a great start, the real power is in taking advantage of the advanced tools we have to offer.

  • Short and stylish links

    Turn your long, complex link into a short, memorable link with, perfect for social media sharing, business cards, and marketing campaigns.

  • A/B testing for messages

    Create different versions of your initial message and test which one performs best. Optimize your campaigns and ensure that your communication is always on point.

  • Improved Marketing Strategy:

    With detailed insights and the ability to personalize your communication, you can create more effective, targeted, and successful campaigns.

Track your success

Monitor how many times your link has been accessed, where the clicks are coming from, and which devices are being used. Use this data to refine your strategies and better understand your audience.

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